236th USMC Birthday Ball {Hyatt Regency, La Jolla}

Last November we had the honor of planning a Marine Corps Birthday Ball for the active duty & reservists Marines & Sailors of the 4th Medical Battalion group here in San Diego.

My twitter feed during the planning was pretty hilarious for those of you who follow my antics, for this was an event that had to be planned in a short amount of time and with a very tight budget (money solely raised by the Marines & Sailors on their off time). On several occasions I found myself having committee planning meetings via text at 10:00 at night,  cooking eggs & sausage for the breakfast burrito fund raiser at 0600 in the morning, or peddling their shirtless photographs on every social media outlet so that I could try and get as many people I knew to their car washes. You can definitely say that planning a Birthday Ball is far more “interactive” and something I absolutely loved being a part of!

One of the biggest challenges of the planning was that our men & women who serve as the planning committee do so on a volunteer basis, just like their service to our country, which means that when duty calls, they have to answer, regardless of what they are in the middle of doing (such as planning a birthday ball), additionally, some of the committee members were being sent on deployment, coming back from Iraq/Afghanistan, or in the midst of being transferred to their next duty station… Seriously, if anyone thought a disagreement between a couple was hard to plan around… try not having a single person in charge of making final decisions or able to write a check to book a vendor.

Never the less, the Ball was absolutely amazing! The entire Squad was dressed in their best as they worked, because, yes, we all worked as hard if not harder than a typical 350 person event… in heels and dresses… at weddings we set out escort cards, for the ball, we personally escorted every guest!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to the team who made it all happen for our men & women in uniform, this was THE BEST USMC Birthday Ball this group had been to, our team received props all night and even special mention during the Captain’s speech! Speaking of the Captain, he stayed for the party most of the night and danced!! Something you don’t typically see happen… Great Job Joe at JMC Events on that one!  Thank you to Nathaniel Kam Photography (all photos), Tess Fresh Flowers (centerpieces), Bamboo Star Studios (paperie), Classy Covers (linens & charger plates), Sweet Cheeks Baking, Mobile Photo Booth, and of course, the Swann Squad!!



p.s. If you want to check out the video put together by Life Over the Shoulder, click here.

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