Tuesday Shoesday

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping with one of my couples to find the groom’s outfit… yes, I do that too…besides, who the heck does not like shopping?  In the process of picking out his suit, tie, shirt, pocket square, and almost suggesting he get new eye glasses to finish the look, of course we shopped for shoes. Are you kidding? I am  a true lover of shoes…for kids, mens, grandmas, etc. shoes are shoes my friend and I love them!

Anyway, this isn’t the pair we selected for my groom, however, this is a pair that stole my heart and must find a reason to get for my sweet husband… although, he’ll likely need an outfit for them since his wardrobe is all uniforms and camos with the occasional shorts & t-shirt… but that’s another blog post altogether…

Reasons I love this shoe: The color, cognac is beautiful and timeless. Wingtips are incredibly sexy… as in Jude Law in ‘Enemy At the Gates’ (2001) sexy.  Lastly, the round nose of these don’t make me fear I am going to be bruised to death if we play footsie under the dinner table while on a date. I mean have you seen some of noses on men’s shoes? The are shaped like weapons or paddles or something incredibly annoying yet somehow I am sure practical incase you fall in a river… But I digress, these could be paired up with a casual outfit and I venture to say, even with a suit. What man does not love versatility?

The BOSS Hankie Wingtip Oxford can be found at Nordstrom (surprise!). LOL.



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