Inspire Me Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!

With today’s inspiration, I take the opportunity to introduce to you the newest member of the Swann Squad, Nicole George. We are so excited to have her as part of our fabulous squad and look forward to you getting to know her! For her first blog post, I paired her up with our master at Inspire Me Monday’s, Ania…  I knew this would be a fun project for them, I hope you love it!



I couldn’t be happier to  be part of the Swann Squad and start sharing my obsessions, inspirations, and of course my thoughts of everything wedding related with the rest of you!

I will start with my love for all things mismatching: décor, furniture, and the use of well…the unexpected! There is something just so appealing about the juxtaposition of those little details that might not seem quite right, but when combined…pure beauty. Ania is also quite the fan of this twist to the traditional. We both feel that your wedding is the perfect time to let your true personality shine, so incorporate what the both of you find lovely and as representations of your relationship, even if you don’t think it will exactly fit with your “theme.” When it represents you… it fits!

The key to this look is keeping a cohesive color palette and mixing and matching decor in a complimenting manner. Trust that it can be beautiful and romantic when you just let your creativity flow and inspire you.


Nicole & Ania

1. Flower Decor, 2. Table Setting Photo By Amanda Thiessen Photography, 3. Mismatched Chairs Photo By Jessica Clair,  4. Escort Cards, 5. Table Setting with Mismatching Chairs, 6. Groomsmen’  Ties, 7. Bridesmaids’ Dresses Photo by Sugar Love Weddings, 8. Mismatching Bridesmaids’ Nail Polish.

1.  Table Setting Photo By Amanda Thiessen Photography, 2.  Mismatched Chairs Photo By Jessica Clair, 3. Escort Cards, 4.  Flower Decor, 5. Table Setting with Mismatching Chairs, 6. Bridesmaids Photo by Jill Thomas Photography, 7.  Bridesmaids’ Dresses Photo by Sugar Love Weddings, 8. Bridesmaids, 9. Groomsmen Photo By Laurel Mcconnell Photography, 10. Groomsmen Photo by Paige Newton Photography.

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