Tuesday Shoesday!

This past weekend, I happen to be hanging out with a mini person at Nordstrom. Don’t ask me how that even happened because I really do not know, but I had to figure out how to keep Mini entertained at a store only I find enthralling. Somehow, through no manipulation of any kind, we ended up in the shoe kids shoe department where Mini stopped to shop for shoes, yes, all on his own!

I don’t think I’ve paid much attention to kids shoes before, but since Mini was touching & moving everything, I found myself having to put it all back before the sales girl noticed the tornado that was going through the displays… So… I got to experience life as a five year old at the Nordy’s shoe department and it was fun! To no surprise. I found a pair of shoes during this little adventure! I’d totally wear these cute DC Rebound kicks if they had them in my size… but since they don’t, someone needs to get them for a ring bearer or heck, for a really hip flower girl.. don’t you think?

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