Real San Diego Wedding {Coronado Community Center}

Tiana & James were married on a blustery November day… a day that kept me, the squad, and our vendors on our toes because it would rain so sporadically during the set-up, we didn’t know where we would have the ceremony until literally the last half hour before it started.

Both the ceremony & reception were held at the Coronado Community Center, our guest count filled the space to capacity with a super fun & supportive group of family and friends!!  I realize we all have support groups, but never in my wedding planning years have I seen a group like this one… I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t nervous during the planning months, because I was! The thought of some many “friends” doing this and that made my  heart palpitate rather quickly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a bride tell me “my friend is helping me with (fill in the blank) on the wedding day” only for it to end up being a total disaster. Not this time.

Nearly every detail of the day was a DIY effort and all squeezed into a two-hour set-up time at the center. When I say nearly, I mean all the reception elements! The linens (which her mom & friends ironed and pre folded in the nights before the wedding), the glassware, table and flat ware, favors, coffee & drink stations, the cake, ALL of it! This was a true “village” effort. It  reminded me of weddings growing up in Mexico – where everyone in the town had a specific responsibility and they took on it with joy and pride! Everything arrived via u-haul truck with a caravan of about twenty friends who were dressed up for the wedding, but went on to do set-up flawlessly and efficiently with my team and I. Holy smokes! I even had time before the ceremony  to go fix James’ tie and a zipper on a family member’s dress…calmly.

Tiana & James trusted key elements of the celebration to the pros; Tess Fresh Flowers, Bill Calhoun Mobile Music, and We Heart Photography, Marisa Von Sheere (hair & make-up), with a little splurge on the white San Diego Trolley Charter, which I totally think is worth it! Talk about knowing where to allocate your budget.

It was an absolute pleasure to have been part of Tiana & James’ wedding… enjoy re-living it with me!



All photos by We Heart Photography


  1. Anne Rutsch says:

    You did a wonderful job!! Thanks you. I just found this post when trying to help a friend find a vender. Reading it made me cry, every things went beautifully and thank you for the sweet words about our friends and family. We couldn’t do life with out them.

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