Real San Diego Wedding {Japanese Friendship Gardens, Balboa Park}

Remember these two? From their Real Wedding Snapshot a few weeks ago?

Nicole & Cam are natives of Calgary, we planned their Japanese Friendship Gardens wedding mostly via late night novel-esque email exchanges and a couple San Diego trips where we had to squeeze in as much as we possibly could during their stay. I remember the planning of their wedding like it was yesterday, for Dayton was deployed to Afghanistan at the time and I would be up in the late hours of the night hoping to hear from him… but instead I passed my on-line time with Nicole and what would be her winsome and romantic wedding.

The good news to the (often perceived) long-distance planning challenges is that Nicole was the kind of bride who was decisive when the right choice was given to her and Cam was the type of groom who very much had a solid opinion, together, they committed to choices that made them both happy, efficiently. Such as letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses, by-passing a traditional wedding cake, and remembering that the only important action-item of the day was exclaiming, “I DO!” loud and clear.

My favorite aspect of being part of this wedding was that neither Cam or Nicole let the “little stuff” stress them, such as the fact the ceremony area was not perfectly laid out for their guest count and that the bridal party would have to stand all in once side of the chuppah. Nicole’s walk “down the isle” was quite long, crooked, and a bit “off road” too, and Cam and the guys had to enter from a narrow path, but it didn’t phase them…those details just weren’t important, not as much as the traditions included to honor their families, that the chose colors and decor were not overwhelming to the venue’s already peaceful setting, and that everyone focused on what this day was… a celebration!

On the Wedding day, they were both SO EXCITED to get married! Nicole started doing push-ups in the bridal room to tame her adrenalin and Cam all but watched her put her dress on… it was wonderful to see them both so in love and anxious that they threw that whole “we won’t see each other before the wedding” tradition out the window.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into their day. Nicole & Cam, if you are reading this… I miss you both and our late night chats!!



Professional Team: Palos Studio {Photography} | Rae Florae {Flowers, Chuppa, and Centerpieces} |JMC Events {Ceremony & Reception Music} | Rolls Livery {Limo} | DIY by Bride & Groom {Invitations & Paperie}| Caterer {Linens, Rentals, Dessert Buffet & Dinner}

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