Inspire Me Monday: Red {Lipstick} Wedding

For the first time in my life, I have had the urge to venture into the MAC store to acquire new make-up products. I have found myself being anti-MAC in the past because I felt that make-up was make-up. Why was it necessary to spend $70+ on a four piece color palette? Shouldn’t the $12 color palette from the drugstore do the same exact thing?

Now, even though I do not own anything on the MAC line, yet, I am going to go ahead and answer all of my own questions by accepting it does make a difference! Every time I walk into their store, I honestly cannot stop staring at how beautiful the make-up sits on the faces of the women who work there. From the heaviest to most elegant make-up combined with various vintage-inspired hairstyles, gives me sort of a 1950’s vibe…and thanks to the fabulous MAC product line, I have been inspired, by the color Red! I’ve never been inspired like this at CVS!

The color red makes me think of a beautiful pin-up model. Red is the romantic color that attracts all sorts of emotions, beginning at the obvious feeling of warmth and love, while also making me think sexy and adventurous… definitely a color for those who want to be noticed! Today’s inspiration is just that, mixed with warm & dark shades, the red incorporates a sexy feel to any wedding.  The color palette I present here is the same ‘vintage-beauty’ many of us have seen in weddings in that last couple years… it never tires and I love it!

The way I see it, red allows you to mix elegance with antique…create a look that is old-school or new-school…romantic or sexy… it is always a classic! So go ahead, don’t be afraid of red!


Intern Hammer (Stephanie)

Photo Credit (L to R, top to bottom): Erwin Photography, Luna Photo, Triple 8 Photography, Palos Studio, Luna Photo, Little White Dress

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