Inspire Me Monday: Paper Wedding Decor

We were recently presented with an unusual challenge; one of our Swannys (clients) is allergic to flowers. So we set out to look for alternatives to all her decor… it is interesting how you don’t actually realize how many flowers you use for a wedding until you start writing out the different places that need to be decorated with something other than flowers.

As we always tell our Swannys- you don’t make up of a theme for your wedding, you focus on who you both are and let the wedding be a reflection of your relationship, including, an allergy to flowers. For example, my husband and I both love traveling and our second passion is reading, if I was allergic to flowers, this is the variety of decor I’d use at our wedding!



1.Flowers, 2. Flowers made from map, 3. Hearts, 4. Accordion Fold Heart, 5. Paper Flowers Ball, 6. Paper Flower, 7. Paper Backdrop, 8. Paper Bunting, 9. Paper Star,10. Paper Garland, 11. Bon Voyage Bunting, 12. Card Box, 13. Paper Feathers, 14.Paper Backdrop, 15. Paper Table Runner, 16. Globes,  17. Favor Boxes.

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