Tuesday Shoesday

I cannot believe that I almost went a second week without a shoe post! Eek! Good thing I have 30 minutes left in Tuesday!

I am usually a fan of heels and platforms, typically, also open toed… but it has been crazy cold around these parts and my tootsies just don’t do very well in lower than 60 degree weather. When I saw these little suede & leather boots by G.H. Bass Shoes, called “FLAVIE,”  they made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I put an outfit together I my head instantly, down to the eyeshadow and lipstick! Crazy right? It just happens automatically sometimes, I can’t help it! Splurging on new shoes is one thing, but a whole outfit that revolves around pieces made up in my head… yea… not as easy as you’d think, so,  the outfit will forever remain in my head, but the shoes, these lovelies I share with you. Enjoy!



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