Thursday Thoughts: Looking Good!!

For those of you who have already had their weddings, this post will come as no surprise, but for those of you still planning, this little snippet of advice will hopefully prove helpful.

When I put timelines together for a couple’s wedding day, there is a colum that says “ready time” for the bridal party (and sometimes parents), which is  about 30 minutes before the bride puts her dress on. I do this for various reasons:

1. Nobody likes pictures of themselves or their friends in “household casual” attire, not to mention it is awkward for photo & video teams to show up to a room full of men or women in their underwear.

2. The bride should be the very last person getting dressed, given that putting a gown on is usually a 2-person job (sometimes more), it is much better if the people helping you aren’t worried about having a wardrobe malfunction. Plus it allows them to enjoy the moment too.

3. When everyone is fully ready to go, the attention can remain where it needs to be, with the bride. While I am not normally one to focus ALL attention on just the bride on a wedding day (afterall this celebration does include families & freinds), I do believe there are specific moments that belong to just her, this is one of them.

This photograph, taken by AS Photography,  perfectly illustrates the points above AND even offered a bonus… well-dressed vendors!! There is nothing I dislike more at a wedding than a pro team who looks like they belong a in line at a soup kitchen with all the other “starving artists”- showering & clean clothes are never out of style  if you have a job, yo!

Anyhow… look at Nadine, does she not look like the happiest woman on earth?? I want all my brides to exude this joy,  for their bridesmaids to be this excited (since they don’t have to worry about themselves) AND for their vendors to be this professional.



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