Real San Diego Wedding {snapshot}

I don’t know what it is about being thrown up in the air at the mercy of your friends & family that is just soooo thrilling, but man… I know I ALWAYS want to be the one sitting in one of those chairs!

Nicole & Cam were married at the Japanese Friendship Gardens in Balboa Park, in mid-July, so I am not sure where all those clouds came from but they offered some picturesque sights… like this one of them during the Hora. I think it is funny how Nicole is holding on conservatively while  Cam, who is more likely to be dropped (yes, I’ve seen it happen at other weddings), is totally basking in the fun of feeling 3 again. Even when you aren’t the one sitting on the chair, you can feel the energy catapulting them into their new lives together. LOVE IT! The best part of this Hora was that there was no ceiling to worry about and Nicole & Cam caught some pretty good air without having to worry about decapitation.

This shot  was taken by the oh so talented team that is Palos Studio.



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