FAB Friday: High Fashion Hair Comb

I know that hair pieces are either  a bride’s ‘must have’ or ‘not a chance!’ accessory. I think that hair adornments, like jewelry, can really make a splash if rocked with the right attitude. Think about it, when else in your life do you get carte blanche to rock high fashion accessories that sin’t Halloween!?

When I saw this fascinator it reminded me of the Royal Wedding… how is it that Brits get to wear all those amazing hairpieces without qualms? Jealous.

This Bird of Paradise comb found over at BHLDN, has a sleek iridescence making it both exotic and stunning all at once, the touch of white feathers with the single pearl & delicate netting render it perfect for any bride wanting to strut her stuff down the isle. We say, YOU GO GIRL!

What are you wearing in your hair on your wedding day?




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