Real San Diego Wedding {snapshot}

I have a confession, even though I have a “No Crying at Weddings” rule for the Swann Squad, I am very much a sentimental sap…

My heart just melts when a groom chooses his dad to be the best man at a wedding. Who knows your story better than anyone and has stood by your side your entire life??  Plus, chances are, he has much funnier (and cleaner) stories to toast you with and knows exactly what to say to make the bride proud to be your wife. Go dad!

I heart this shot of  Mr. Singleton (from Billy & Alicia’s Real San Diego Wedding) pounding fists with his son during his toast to the happy couple… makes me a little teary eyed to see this kind of love between a father & son. That’s right, I said teary eyed… but you can’t prove it!

Who are you choosing to stand by your side when you take on this next chapter in your life?



Photo Credit: Atrero Photography


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