Tuesday Shoesday!

Guess what I got for Christmas?? SHOES!!!

I know, surprise, surprise. haha.

In honor of actually owning a pair of kicks that makes it onto my posts, today I share with you my very first pair of TOMS! Wooot! Gifted to me by my super talented baby bro, Ludick Kepler, these TOMS are not only in one of my fave colors (gray) but also super comfy and given to me just in time for vacay! I was totally panicking that I didn’t have any “travel” shoes until I opened these babies up  and was glad I was not going to have to go to the mall to find “travel shoes”- after all, I do not want to be touristing around Thailand in my 4″ heels…

Back in April, I learned about TOMS & the company’s mission, so for a whole day I went without shoes. Despite the controversy that surrounds them, I am still a fan and am so glad I now have my very own pair! My mom got a pair too… which I am a little jealous of.

Thanks bro for feeding my habit. Love you!



My Pair:

My mom’s pair:

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