Tuesday Shoesday!

These were not the shoes I intended on showing you today, but in a search for the pair I intended to share, these flashed by on a rotating ad (yes flashy & shiny things always get me!) and viola, here they are!

Are these yummo or what?? Suede is all the rage this fall, actually suede has been the rage since last fall, but you know how trends go… they stick around a bit…plus it usually takes us West Coasters a year or two to catch up to what London & NYC have been doing for a few seasons. These beauties come in black too, but the way I see it, black shoes are abundant and you probably have at least a half dozen pairs of black pumps in your closet, so why not venture out into the world of fun multi-colored shoes which can turn an ordinary outfit into a fabulous outfit… add some super glam lipstick and you are ready to go!

These are called the Thelma Pump by Levity and you can find them at DSW. Happy Tuesday Shoesday!!



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