Red, White, and Black Wedding {Inspire Me Monday}

For those of you who are recently engaged, are knee-deep into wedding planning, or heck, just perusing through in the land of flowers, cake, and love galore… our Inspire Me Monday posts are meant to do just that… Inspire. We believe that inspiration can come from anything and be purposeful to anyone in a variety of ways. Really, it is all about embracing the pretty in life and running with it.

Today’s boards, put together by Swann Squad member, Ania Archer, were inspired by delicate flowers; Poppies & Anemones. I purposely didn’t let Ania know how much I LOVE both flowers when she first told me she was creating boards around them. Had it not been for the fact my own wedding was planned around my husband’s naval schedule, we would have been married in the spring when anemones are aplenty! But alas, sometimes you have to give up what you think is important for what really matters…

Buuut back to the anemones & poppies! We believe that anything which entices positive, happy, excited, feelings within you, is plenty of inspiration for your wedding. Such as these beautiful flowers which presented a color palette of vibrant red, white, with a touch of black. The balance between the white and red colors is perfect for a modern styled wedding where the color black gets to be the flair for that look. However, if you wanted to use red and black with accents of white, you could have a much more formal styled soirée (see picture #5 on the third board). Change the way you use the colors even more to mostly red + varying shades of the color and you could end up with a very whimsical atmosphere (photo #4 on the second board). I venture to say, that this combo could also incorporate a bit of dark aubergine (eggplant) or even navy blue to add a fun and unexpected twist. Really….the possibilities are endless!

Wowza… all that inspiration from just some little flowers…

Whether you want to have a stylish, informal,  whimsical,  or modern atmosphere- inspiration is all around you.. instead of looking through magazines and their paid ads, take a moment to look around you next time you are happy or excited and notice all the elements creating that feeling.


Brenda & Ania

 1. Chair Flower Arrangements, 2. Poppy and Anemone Bouquet, 3. Poppy and Anemone Bouquet, 4. Anemone Centerpiece Arrangements, 5. Anemone and Poppy Centerpieces.

1. Red Heels, 2. 1950′ Vintage Dress, 3. Anemone Headpiece, 4. Bridesmaids Dresses.

1. Escort Cards, 2. Table Numbers, 3. Escort Cards, 4. Invitations, 5. Invitations.

1. Red & Black Anemones Cake, 2. Painted Poppies Cake, 3. Cake Topper, 4.  Cupcakes, 5. White Cake with Poppies, 6. Red Poppy Cake.

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