Tuesday Shoesday!

You aren’t going to believe it…today’s shoes were selected by Mr. Swann Soirées!

When I first met the mister, I was living in a 250sf studio in Pacific Beach, which had an outdoor rubbermaid shed as an extension of the closet (since there was very little room inside). You laugh now, BUT my washer & dryer were also outside so it made putting away the laundry super easy! Anyway… I lived in a hole and it was filled with shoes… mostly ugly and boring, corporate-phenom-appropriate AND silly clubbing shoes. When he took the crazy risk of having me move-in with him to his 400sf studio, he said some of my stuff had to go… which obviously could not be my shoes I thought… but I thought wrong, he disliked my crazy amounts of shoes so much he made a deal with me, for every three pairs I got rid of, he’d buy me one nice, shiny, new pair!

Guess who went to the thrift store about a dozen times as she prepped to move?? I sure hope that he isn’t reading this post… hahaha. Is shoe swindling wrong??

Ok so fast forward seven or so years, he apparently has grown to understand my obsession since he picked out this week’s pair by surprising me with them over the weekend. These Enzo Angiolini “Mistle” Pumps are delish! Perfect for pairing with a little black dress this holiday season. The heel is a little thin but it’s a classic! At only 3.5 inches high and with no additional platform at the front, totally easy to walk & dance in. Plus who doesn’t love a little detailing? I love the lace-up heel and over-sized bow, it perfectly accentuates the back of the ankle. Sexy! The pair is patent leather, light and flexible, and of course, we all love a good peep toe! Best news is that they come in black, nude AND they are under a hundred bucks, which in my mind means you can buy them without having to get rid of three other pairs… Happy Shoe Shopping!





  1. For the record, I had a one bedroom when you moved in!!!!

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