Tuesday Shoesday

I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of actually owning a pair of shoes featured on our Tuesday Shoesday posts, so for this week, I decided to post a pair I do own. Yay!

I bought this pair last week for the Marine Corps Ball I did. Because of the type of event that it was, I could not don my typical slacks, button-up blouse, and old lady flats… I wore a gown and obviously it needed the right pair of heels to match.  I endlessly looked for the right color/height/price combo and finally found them at Aldo… a store that I have actually never been in before.

These beauties are called “Vannice” They are mad crazy high (5.5 inches)! I made the mistake of thinking I could wear them without struggle since I wear heels all the time, as it turns out, when you wear shoes like these, you simply cannot dance nor walk at the speed normal for working events. These are “stand and look pretty heels.” Which considering how long if a day it was… I did not mind. They come in gold too and they even sell cute little clutches that match too.



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