Real San Diego Wedding {snapshot}

You’ve all seen this shot before, it never gets old.

Not the actual moment itself but the hilarity of the things we take for granted because of smartphones…. like learning to knot a tie. I’ve been told by my elders that in years past, men were taught this at school just like women were taught to sew. While I think that’s a lost tradition, I like the bonding that comes from learning to knot a tie on the fly, it is priceless. Plus it gives you something to giggle about later when you’re re-living the day with your new spouse.

Just one more reason to have a photographer with the guys during getting-ready time on your wedding day…

By the way, Jay’s tie was perfect when Jami met him at the altar last year as they said their “I do’s” at the Wedding Bowl.

Moment captured by Stephina Photography.

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