Real San Diego Wedding {snapshot}

I am so lucky to have a fulfilling job (read, career). Not many people can say that…I have known for a long time that fulfillment is not defined by the size of a paycheck, but by the satisfaction of a job well done. That sense of pride hits you randomly throughout your work day when you think to yourself… “Oh hell yeah! THIS is what it is supposed to feel like!!”

Although many of the moments are usually fleeting, unnoticed by everyone else (except maybe the photographer), and nobody is giving you props when they happen, experiencing them is unreal and almost indescribable.

Lucky for me, Nic from Tamarack Studios captured one of those moments for me at Ashley & Derek’s wedding last year at The Prado. This shot is one of those moments I am referring to, the ones that fulfill you. Ashley is calm, cool, confident… ready to get her wedding on. Her bridesmaids are laughing, chilling, and literally just waiting for the wedding to start.

This photo is going on my desktop- for every bride should have their “Ashley” moment on their wedding day. Calm, Cool, Confident.


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