Tuesday Shoesday!

Preface: This is not your typical Tuesday Shoesday folks, hope you’re ready for story time…

Today’s shoe was selected thanks to the sincerely-loving-not-insinuative-he-truly-loves-me comment my sweet husband, Dayton, made the other night {brace yourselves} -he exclaimed  “I love my pear.” >GASP<

First of all, how does he know that women’s bodies are named after shapes of fruit? Second, what makes him think I am a pear?? Third, how the hell is that supposed to pass for whispered-sweet-nuthin’ of a compliment? Men!

For as long as I can remember in my adult life, I have had more body image issues than Jay Leno has cars. I don’t know when or why it started, for  I was the jolliest fat kid who didn’t know she was fat much of my life. Senior year in high school I think I weighted about 175lbs, I venture to say at some point I weighed 200+… I am not sure, for I pretty much went through my youth, teenage years, and up until college feeling all kinds of happy, fabulous, and confident. I thank my parents and friends for my Miss Piggy-esque ignorant bliss. As in, I always felt beautiful, amazing, and capable of anything. Shoot, I still do, but now I obsess about being a chubby hour-glass shape (because I am NOT a pear!).

Fast forward to now, I run, I spin, and generally obsess about getting my sweat on.  But I am not here to lecture you on health or wellness or anything of the Jillian Michaels sort. I am simply combining my lust of shoes with the perils of my waistline and sharing with you my weekly post. I truly hope that you can laugh a little with me here, for just like Ginger Spice once said “You have to learn to laugh at yourself, don’t take life so seriously.”

I took up spin last year when the Marine Corps boot camp I had been attending came to an end, having nothing else to fulfill my 0600 hour, (yea, that’s AM). I started going to spin and quickly decided that I needed padded shorts AND the appropriate shoes for the effort (yes, shoes do make a HUGE difference in exercise too). Today I present to you the Shimano Women’s cycling shoes. The upper part of the shoes are mostly mesh and allow your feet to breathe/stay cool, which is great because then all the sweat bacteria can get the heck out too. I also like the cleat-like bottom, which allows you to wear these guys on the street- not that you’d want to– but that way you don’t have to change shoes just for spin class. Lastly, my favorite part of course is the color- white and gold (just like my running shoes), because you should always go for the GOLD!  I am telling you, the shoes make the biggest difference in working out your legs during spin, not to mention they stabilize your balance, and give you greater control of your body on the bike (that means your core will get a good workout!). Totally worth their hefty price tag.

I am off to spin, I don’t want my husband exclaiming he loves his pear unless he is eating a piece of fruit!



  1. In all fairness, that was taken out of context and quickly followed with an explanaition!!!

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