Tuesday Shoesday!

Boot season is here! Yay!! Who does not love rocking a hot pair of boots?? I know I do. Something about them makes you feel so empowered. I know, I say that about all rad shoes, but I tell you, there is something about having killer shoes that makes you feel like you can pretty much take on the world! Come on… someone else must feel that way… tell me its you!

Anyway, well boots make you feel that much more empowered, ready to kick some butt and take names! I present to you this uncomplicated pair of VOLATILE boots in taupe (also available in black & congnac). They are less than 100 bucks on zappos and the heel is a mere 3.5 inches, which means I can probably sprint in them so you should be able to rock them just fine if you aren’t used to the height. I need these in my life.



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