Rocking the Bridesmaid Dress

As you all likely know, here at the Swann Squad, we are all about bringing out the amazing in you by expressing yourself through your wedding. Is there a better way to celebrate the massive amounts of love than through a big ol’ beautiful party??

At the heart (and style) of planning a stunning, massive, love-filled celebration are the bridesmaids (well, groomsmen too but this post if for the gals). There are a myriad of reasons why we select the women who will stand by our side during one of the pinnacles in our life, and because most of them mean the world to us, the last thing you want to do is immortalize them in “Drab.” Drab = ugly + expensive dresses… ugly in every sense, from the color to the cut, length, material and anything that makes one of your bffs look like she rather shoot herself in the eye than wear that dress.

Each of your beautiful bridesmaids is unique, with her own personality, fashion sense, shape, size, hair color, skin tone, etc, which are exactly the reasons we are encouraging you to be a little risqué and have them wear mismatched dresses or one of their choosing.

WHAT??  mismatched dresses? “You must be out of your mind” you say… Not exactly though… Back in the daaaaaay, before weddings became what they are today, bridesmaids wore their best “Sunday Dresses” to be part of a wedding entourage. Most women owned one, maybe two, fine dresses- and by fine we don’t mean expensive, we mean well-constructed-custom-tailored-best-material-available-only-worn-to-church fine. There was no weekend shopping trip trying to find a color and style to suit all, extensive discussion over tones of purple, nor skin pigmentation altering just for the occasion. 

So how does one go about choosing the perfect non matching dresses? Here are some tips!

  1. Pick the color, then let your girls pick style that suits them in the specific fabric or in the same collection (this is probably the most familiar method for many large bridal salons offer this alternative).
  2. OR, you pick the dress style and they pick the color (not everyone can pull off lime green). 
  3. OR, if you’re feeling brave, you can give your girls minimal direction- such as just what silhouette and color family to look for and let them use their judgement.
  4. Lastly, look for a dress that can be worn in variety of ways (be it with an adjustable neck line, with a cute bolero over it, or in different lengths) with the color and material remaining flexible in your color palette.

The keys is that the girls are dressed in your color palette or style (formal, casual, beach chic) to create a cohesive look. Be it a solid, print or multicolored number, there is no recipe for it, trust yourself and your bridesmaids, then instead of getting together to go shopping, get together to have a fashion party so they can all model the dresses and get excited about how rad they’re all going to look together AND next to you come wedding day! 

Selecting dresses this way will add unique style and color to your wedding, plus it will make your bridesmaids happy because they will be comfortable throughout the day rocking out a little gettup THEY had control over choosing.

What do you say, will you let your bridesmaids do it??


Brenda & Ania

{Source} Photo by Aaron Shintaku Photography

{Source} Photo by Donna Von Bruening Photographers

{Source} Photo by Ulmer Studios

{Source} Photo by Carrie Petterson Photography

{Source} Photo by SMS Photography

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