Shoesday Tuesday

It was recently brought to my attention that for as much as these weekly posts are uber fun for many of you, often times the shoes featured are out of a normal person’s budget (myself included) and thus leaves some of you trolling around the internet for cute shoes aimless and alone. As a shoe fanatic, I cannot allow this to happen… You want me to diversify the window-shoe-shopping I do & share?? You got it!! Don’t ever feel like you have to shoe window-shop alone!! Ever.

Here is a cute little pair of d’Orsay pumps I found at Payless of all places. I’d gone to payless to buy Halloween shoes I’d only use once or twice before, but I will admit it has been a long time since I went in there with a different purpose. I love the d’Orsay style of pumps, there is something so retro and sexy about the design of the shoe, it is as if someone thought to themselves… how do we make a peep-toe pump sexier?? I know, let’s reveal the arch of the foot!! Thus the d’Orsay was born! Yum. Love it.

Do any of you remember the young designer from Project Runway (a good 5-6+ years ago, I can’t remember the last time I had a tv or cable but I remember seeing him on the show) named Christian Siriano? You know the guy, he coined the overuse of the word “fierce” and we love him for it… Well, homeboy is apparently doing really well with that whole fashion designer career and has expanded his brand to include designs made especially for Payless (which in my opinion is better than the Steve Madden knock offs which Target puts out a few seasons after their original release under their own label). 

These are called the Khristian Stud Pump, in purple (also available in black). They are a 3.5″ heel making it a good re-starter heel for those of you who have not worn heels in a long time and need retraining OR for those of you who don’t want to roll an ankle while running down the street chasing your true love. The faux suede subdues the brightness I think this color would be if it were any other material, which means it is a perfect shoe for the transition into our fall wardrobes! Happy window shoe shopping!



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