FAB Friday: Napkins!

Napkin styling is an often forgotten about detail. You’re probably thinking, “What? I have to style my napkins too!?” But we promise this isn’t another thing to stress over, especially when you know the options and all you have to do is choose!

Sure, you took the time to pick out a complimenting color to the linens and called it a day,  for the most part, nearly all venues and caterers assume you’ll want that matchy matchy napkin in the ever-so-popular “pocket/tuxedo” fold (which holds the menus nicely in place). While it is indeed a nice fold (goodness knows I hate plucking “birds of paradise” out of water goblets in a panic when a client has been told this is classy), it is boring!

There are soooo many other things you can do with the napkins. In fact, spunking (yes I just made that term up, we’ll call it Swannism #30) your napkins, or giving them a little sass can be a style saver. If you’re skipping the printed menus, then why not opt to give the napkins a little personality?

At our last Bridal Nosh we made budget friendly napkin rings that could help personalize dinner settings (please don’t  mind the amateur photos, remember we are not photogs over here). It is a nice option for tight budgets or when you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on the paper-goods (because it is OK to have other priorities to spend your money on). As you’ll see below, some of the napkins are just plain white (like those provided by many venues or caterers as part of your package). All it took was a few folds and a bloom… You could replace that bloom with just about anything too, depending on the overall feeling (theme) of the wedding or venue.

Equally, when you spend a lot of moolah having custom menus printed, you want to show them off right?? Don’t let them be hidden inside the fabric folds of the napkins!   Have  the folds adjusted to showcase the menus. Play off the china, add some herbs, twine, ribbons, the possibilities are endless! Hope you find some ideas here that you’ll want to explore with us!



Brenda & Ania

1. Napkin and  Green Cymbidium Orchid, 2. Napkin and Menu Display, 3. Napkin, Menu, and Cream Rose, 4. Napkin with Flowers, 5. Gold Napkin and Orchid, 6. Green Napkin and Daffodil.

1.  Gold Napkin, 2. Blue Napkin,  3. Turquoise Napkin, 4. White Napkin,  5. Pink Napkin, 6. Navy Blue Napkin.


  1. I love SPUNKING, and what a great idea to spunk your napkin, since you already need to have one on the table. Genious.

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