Style Shoot Series Part 4 | The Powder Room!

Continuing with the Seeing Stripes, Style Shoot Series… we’re on to part 4 which was also way fun (and easy) to put together!

The idea of the Power Room evolved from the fact that I utterly dislike (to the umpteeth degree) bathroom baskets. They are a total waste of money. Why you ask? Well because half of the stuff you are putting in there is stuff I carry in my emergency kit for you, which is available to any guests at your wedding. The way I see it, if I’m carrying all that stuff around, then you can do something much more memorable, personalized, and practical for your guests- especially since bathrooms are often so dull, they are like little time machines to the ugly and dreadful…one minute your guests are laughing, dancing, dazzled by the lights and flowers… next thing they know, they are in a stinky, drabby looking, icky-soap dispensing bathroom. bleh!

The bathrooms at the Museum of Contemporary Art where we did our shoot are no different, plain, utilitarian, and unisex. Most boys don’t mind this, so we didn’t worry about showing you a men’s lounge… (besides, for our shoot series, they got a cool self-serve wet bar)... Instead, we designated one of the bathrooms to be for ladies only and prettied it up a bit with a beautiful, fresh-flower mirror frame and as an alternative to the bathroom basket with feminine products, deodorant, bobby pins, and miscellaneous crap, we suggest something a little more fun to use, like nice hand-soap,  refreshing body splashes, yummy hand lotions, lipgloss, and nail polish. Add a few more flowers… and viola! A pretty powder room!

Sidebar: As embarrassed as I am – learn from our mistake! We had a little tin cup with disposable lip brushes for this shoot that I managed to lose, the brushes of course were to illustrate how to offer your guests lipgloss & keep it sanitary. If you buy this stuff during your planning, keep it all in one place/container.

Now there’s a way to dress up a bathroom! For your wedding, you could also replace the fingertip towel with nicer, disposable, paper towels (or just use what is already provided by the venue). All of the items on the tray can be found at your typical novelty personal care store, the table and linen are both rentals, and the florals (these were by Janna Hatch) are are essential to pull it all together. What do you think? Would you want to have a pretty bathroom at your wedding??



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  1. I completely agree! I too, carry all the stuff in bathroom baskets, and most nights they end up empty as the men, and women both pocket all the stuff you put in them.
    For my own wedding we had limited counter space, but I did add fancy soap to both the men and women’s room, and monogram paper hand towels in baskets.
    This mirror is lovely!

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