Thursday Purseday!

Since I didn’t get a chance to post shoes on Tuesday, I figured I’d post a different object of my many obsessions. Besides, I can’t really leave the blog fashion-less for a week, nobody likes a homely blog… I’ve seen that in my analytics! haha!

Ok Ok, frivolousness aside, I can’t tell you when in my life I decided I loved bags but I do, sadly, they are usually expensive, and  I dream of them as I dream of sailing the Rhine River… Someday.

Anyway, this isn’t the Tory Burch bag I was originally lusting for but it is so much more practical (yes, I can at times be a girl of rhyme & reason)- it fits my iPad, phone, lipgloss, and wallet! Plus the multi-tonal putty-walnut color combo is pretty much all-season friendly. Feast your eyes on the bijou shoulder bag.




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