Inspire Me Monday: Seeing Stripes {Style Shoot Series} Part 1

As briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post, a Wedding Style Shoot has multiple purposes- from inspiring couples, to setting new trends, and allowing wedding professionals to showcase their skills. After hearing that “Style Shoots” were dead, I still moved forward with the execution of the shoot our Swann Squad had planned. In this post you will read about the general purpose and get a sneak peek into the evolution of our Seeing Stripes Style Shoot.

I am often asked for my professional recommendation on wedding pros, but my knowledge bank seldom grows on its own. How does that happen? 50% chance, 50% self-education.

The chance part comes from clients hiring their vendors completely independent of my guidance or before I am hired. Often times that is the only way I will be able to work with new pros (“new” referring to our experience together, not to the industry). It is very hard to recommend someone I have not worked with based solely on their pretty website or glowing personality, it is just too big of a risk to use my client’s wedding as my conduit to try out a new pro I have been wanting to work with.

The self-education part comes from doing my own research by reading blogs, reviews, and asking trusted colleagues on their experience with specific pros. Additionally, there are many industry associations that have mixers throughout the year offering even more opportunities to meet fellow pros. When I recommend someone, I like to have already successfully experienced his or her product/service first hand. But how will I experience the work of the new pro I met other than seeing their samples? Style shoots to the rescue!

Planning a style shoot is just like planning a wedding: You have to find a venue, set a date, come up with a theme, select a pro team (except they have to like what you’re pitching to them since they aren’t getting paid), sometimes you have to find models, wardrobe, make-up, and they are all-day events where everyone is investing their time and sometimes products. After the location and team is onboard the planning continues: arranging for rentals, décor, figuring out timelines for delivery, set-up, clean-up, must take-pics, order of execution, etc. During the shoot, everyone stays on task as they would on a wedding day, including people that typically leave the event after their “job is done”- for during a shoot, all aspects have to be carefully managed. After the shoot wraps-up, there is still the task of post-production: editing/organizing photos, doing write-ups for publishing submissions, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they are hella fun, but they are a whole lotta hard work too!

The team we put together for our shoot was a mix of folks we knew and pros we’d not yet worked with, which included:

Bryan N. Miller Photography | Floral Occasions by Janna Hatch | Fuzzynk| Classic Party Rentals | Classy Covers | Chi Chocolat – all who were incredible team players!

Now that you learned a little more about the general purpose & genetics of style shoots, we’ll skip right over to some pretty photos! This was the original inspiration photo & color palette we selected:



This was the final tablescape:


BNM & SS Style Shoot

On my next post, I’ll write about the evolution of the shoot’s design and how you too can create your entire wedding “theme” from a simple photo. I promise to show you a lot more photos too!

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