Seeing Stripes Style Shoot {preface}

A couple of months ago I attended a Wedding Professionals Summit where the topic of Wedding Style Shoots came up. Oh boy did it cause a stir! I had no idea that they had become such a controversial topic.

Many of you are familiar with style shoots but if you aren’t- basically, it is a simulated wedding set-up meant to inspire you.  As a wedding pro, if the style shoot wasn’t commissioned (although I am not sure it counts as a commission if you aren’t paid for it, in fact, often we are the ones paying to do them) they are a marketing investment, for this is an opportunity to bring together admired colleagues (florists, photographers, make-up artists, rentals, etc.) and put together your very own ‘Wedding Ad’ collaboratively showing your skills to the world of brides & grooms.

At the summit, it was difficult to hear all the banter about NOT doing style shoots, especially because it seemed as though most publishing editors hosting this segment of the summit were pretty unimpressed & fed-up with them (most of us submit the images from the shoot to the myriad of wedding blogs hoping they will like what we did and publish them for their readers to see). I remember thinking to myself: “EEEK! I have a style shoot scheduled next week!”

The moment I heard “Style Shoots are dead, stop doing them!” from the editor of a coveted wedding blog, I stopped listening and started tweeting (surprise, surprise)- hoping to hear from anyone that style-shoots were not indeed dead. Sadly, the responses I received agreed with the above… albeit they were not from brides or grooms. So I chose to move forward with our style shoot, not submit images to any “big” wedding blogs, instead I decided to post the images a little differently than I originally planned…

For me, a style shoot is about my firm’s mission: To Encourage & Inspire amazing celebrations! Which means any thought in your mind can become a beautiful wedding that is perfect reflection of you, your love, your priorities, your ideas, etc. I am not going to define your wedding into a category, but I am going to help you define those thoughts into elements that will create the most amazing day yet!

With that said, our shoot was crafted from our “Seeing Stripes” inspiration boards found on a FAB Friday post here and Inspire Me Monday post here, as with every idea, it developed into what you’ll be seeing in the next few posts. For now, I’ll leave you with these images captured by Bryan N. Miller Photography, of where it took place, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (downtown). Many thanks to Edie Niehls for allowing us to take over the Berglund Room for our prep work, and the Woods Terrace to showcase.





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