Tuesday Shoesday!

A couple of weeks ago the Dayton and I were at Fashion Valley mall, for any of you who have been there, I know you’ll agree that there’s some sort of magnetic power that pulls you into certain stores. For me, there is an entire dangerous corridor that he makes me hurry through if we can’t avoid it all together. It starts on the east side of the mall with Gucci and Apple on opposite sides of each other, not but a few stores later I am faced with Lilly Pulitzer opposite Louis Vuitton, followed by Henri Bendel, Sephora, Michael Korrs, and Betsey Johnson… IF I can make it that far… on this particular day I didn’t even make it half way through for Louis Vuitton had just put up their summer shoe collection on the window. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared. I am so in lust I could not pick just one pair- besides I owe you a couple Tuesdays I missed…  now if I could hit the lottery…




All Shoes by Louis Vuitton: 1. Fidji Wedge in leather 2. Summertime Wedge in blue 3. Catania Sandal in suede 4. Marbella Sandal in patent leather

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