Inspire Me Monday: Seeing {Wedding} Stripes! Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! As you will notice, the Swann Squad is currently a little obsessed with stripes. Even though most of us have grown up being restricted by them (coloring within the lines, waiting in lines, heck even NOT wearing stripes because they make you look wider…) there is something so incredibly fun about them. Not to mention they are magnificently versatile! Today’s boards cover an even wider variety of options for incorporating stripes into your wedding and quite possibly your everyday too!

Who says a bride can’t wear stripes in all their glory? There is a version for everyone; traditional, modern, with a little attitude, and even in beautiful colors!

1. Strapless Wedding Dress, 2. Stripped Ribbon Cocktail Dress, 3. Striped Carnival Party Dress, 4. Black and White Wedding Dress, 5. Blue Mermaid Striped Dress.

If not for you, maybe for the bridesmaids? Or heck, these little numbers are great bridal shower/rehearsal dinner dresses too!

1. Motel Karina Dress, 2. Motel Emilia Dress, 3. Striped Strapless Dress, 4. Nautical Stripes Dress, 5. Anthropologie Paraiso Dress

Flower girls are adorable without a doubt, can you picture them rocking one of these down the isle?

1. Purple White Striped Knit, 2. Green Striped Flower Girl Dress, 3. Sleeveless Striped Dress,

SHOES!! There need be no reason to add any of these beauties to your current collection:

1.Tabitha Simmons Multicolor Heels, 2.Gigi Favela Striped Peep Toe Heel, 3. Nautical Blue and White Shoe Bow Clips, 4. Yellow Striped Heels.

How about the pre-festivities? Hats, clutches, and headbands… Oh My!

1. Grosgrain Sun Hat, 2. Forever21 Oversize Hat, 3. Juicy Couture Woven Hat, 4. Blue and Green Silk Clutch, 5. Nautanki Clutch, 6. Purple Flower Headband, 7. Pink and White Flower Headband.

But the fun of stripes isn’t reserved for just us girls, look what we found for the men too!

1. Navy Stripes Tie, 2. Color Striped Square Cufflinks, 3.Cylindrical Stripe Cufflinks, 4.Striped Wood Cufflinks, 5. Woolen Silk Tie Set, 6. Silk Woven Red Striped Bow Tie, 7.Yellow Italian Style Silk Tie Set.

Oh Fedoras, how we love you!

1. Ted Baker Hat, 2. Black Bar Vintage Fedora Hat, 3. Striped Socks, 4. Contemporary Wedding Band 5. Black Stripe Titanium Wedding Band.

If not in your apparel, from ceremony to reception there is plenty of room to add the fun (and color) of stripes!

1. Green and Blue Ring Pillow, 2. Tiffany Ring Pillow, 3. Orange Striped Ring Pillow, 4. Raffled Parasol, 5.Teal Striped Parasol.

We are so in-love with all of  these lanterns!!

1. Striped Medallions, 2. Orange and Pink Lanterns, 3. Lanterns, 4. Purple Lantern.

From the subdued to the ecstatic, adorning stripes on the dinner tables have plenty of color possibilities!

1 and 2. Nautical Centerpieces, 3. Table Display,  4. Orange -Pink Table Cloth.

How do you accessorize a place setting? With napkin rings of course!

1. Orange Stripe Napkin, 2. Blue Striped Ribbon, 3. Striped Napkin Ring, 4. Yellow Striped Napkin, 5. Yellow Striped Napkin Rings, 6. Blue Striped Napkin, 7.Multicolor Striped Napkin Rings

Believe us, the possibilities are endless….

1. Striped Ribbon Jars, 2. Chair sash, 3. Flute, 4. Square Plate, 5. Round Plate, 6. Striped Glasses.

1. Purple Orchid Centerpiece, 2. Striped Orchid, 3. Striped Bud Vases, 4.Striped Candles, 5. Teal Striped Vases.

From invitations to favors… your guests will be seeing stripes too!

1. Yellow Striped Favor Box, 2. Green and Pink Favor Boxes, 3. Yellow Striped Favor Box, 4. Tangerine Striped Favor Box, 5. Blue and Red Favor Box, 6 and 7. Striped Ribbon Favor Boxes.

1. Purple Striped Invitation, 2. Table Number, 3. Programs, 4. Rustic Wedding Stationery Set, 5. Striped Invitations, 6. Orange Striped Invitation.

Because everyone loves to have a little sweet in their life…

1. Yellow Pink Dessert Bar, 2. Yellow Striped Ice Cream Bar, 3. Stripped Ribbon Cake Stand.

What do you say?? Do you love stripes?? Happy Planning!


Ania & Brenda


  1. Oh, my gosh! This post is sooo me! I absolutely adore that red and white stripped dress in the middle and the cute striped shoes!! Faint… 🙂

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