FAB Friday: Seeing {Wedding} Stripes!

Having recently moved, I had a good excuse to look for new home decor. While shopping at stores like Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond, I realized that I am infatuated with stripes… which is how the below boards came to fruition.

Stripes at a wedding might be hard to imagine, but there are many ways to incorporate them into nearly every aspect! From your gown to bridesmaid’s dresses, to accessories, flowers, and even dessert- Possibilities are endless!

Take a look at these beautifully striped dresses… something for everyone in the wedding party:

1. Strapless Wedding Dress, 2. Flower Girl Dress, 3. Black and White Sash, 4. Blue Striped Dress, 5. Black Striped Dress, 6. Wrap Dress.

Who can resist accessorizing with pieces that are both glamorous and distinctive?

1. Gold and Black Clutch, 2. Black and White Clutch, 3. Black Crystal Tie, 4. Blue Bow Tie

From the very formal to the casual… varying colors and widths of the stripes give flexibility in style:

1. Black Striped Heels, 2. Blue Peep Toe Platform, 3. White Striped Loafers, 4. Blue Striped Oxford


Flowers may not be striped, but there are plenty of accent ribbons to wrap them in. But don’t stop there… how about fabric flowers in stripes!?

1. Garden Roses Bouquet, 2.Fabric Bouquet, 3. Peonies Bouquet with Striped French Wire Ribbon, 4. White Flower Boutonniere, 5. Button-mum Buds and Dusty-Miller Leaves Boutonniere.

The fun isn’t limited to only what you’d wear or carry on the wedding day, your invitations help set the mood for the event, think of it as a preview of what will await guests, including fun favors and….

1. Black and Green Invitation, 2. Parisian Stripes Invitation, 3. Fabric Flower Place Card, 4. Black Stripes Favor Box, 5. Stripes and Flower Favor Box.


…stunning place settings….and….

1. Table Setting, 2. Striped Napkins, 3. Napkin Ring, 4. Chair Sash


…the second sweetest part of your wedding… Dessert!


1. Black and White Cake, 2. Brown and Ivory Cake, 3. Green and White Cake, 4. White Cake


Who’s to say that stripes are only for zebras and race cars? Happy Wedding Planning!


Ania & Brenda


  1. I LOVE stripes!! Fun post, Ania and Brenda

  2. Oh lots of beautiful finds! Stripes will never go out of stile, and I love how they can give a whimsical, or even very classical touch. My favorites in your inspiring collection are the place card flowers by Darcy Miller (3 – simply adorable!!), the fifties inspired favor box (5) and the beautiful marine-style sash of number 3. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your comment on twitter about my blog!

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