FAB Friday: Groomsmen Boutonnieres

’bout the the groom…

During the planning of your wedding, you’ve thought about the flowers numerous times and you’ve probably dreamed about the bouquet too, but how about the boutonnieres? Nobody wants to bypass the groom’s special adornment, for he is obviously one of a kind and needs a little attention too. But even he sometimes wonders; “a bouten what? I have to wear a flower!?”

Today boutonnieres don’t have to be just flowers, they can be a number of unconventional items which allow him (and his men) an opportunity to express their personalities in the tiniest (and incredibly important) details. As you will see below, there is something for everyone! From the sports fan to the dog lover, to a surfer or a musician, boutonnieres give plenty of room to be creative. Unique boutonnieres can be a delightful compliment to theme, color, your bouquet or any other aspect of the wedding.  Have fun thinking of the man ways you can incorporate your groom’s style in custom boutonnieres!


In case  if your groom prefers something more traditional, he may still have something that is a little bit different than the usual flowers.

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board 1:

top: Beatles guitar boutonniere, Diamond boutonniere, Ski boutonniere, Shamrock boutonniere

bottom: buddy boutonniere, bird nest boutonniere, guitar boutonniere, violin boutonniere

board 2:

top: all three fabric boutonnieres

bottom: blue flower boutonniere, feather boutonniere, fabric flower boutonniere

board 3:

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