Tuesday Shoesday!

Today’s post was inspired by one of our very own Swanny’s (ie: Swann Soirées client), Kimber.

Last week, Kimber was donning a super cute pair of yellow TOMS when we met up for a consultation. My affinity for shoes can sometimes be distracting, but I remained focused looking only into Kimber’s eyes when speaking to her… Before saying good-bye for the afternoon, I had to make peace with  my inner shoe-lover; let out a compliment and stare onto her feet. She then went on to briefly educate me about TOMS, their mission and an upcoming event being promoted by the company. While I’ve seen the shoes before, I had never taken the time to learn what TOMS shoes were about… What can shoes really be about other than fashion anyway?? Comfort maybe? (As I shrug my shoulders with question). I hope you all know I am kidding with my sarcasm...

As with everything we don’t fully understand these days, after she left, I googled (I know, I know, that’s not a real word…yet) – and viola!! I fell in-love with TOMS. I have a weakness for people who’s mission it is to make a difference, and who in their own way, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE us. So today, I honor their movement and goals by going without shoes. Check out their site for more knowledge, and find me on twitter (I know…surprise!) as I run around San Diego, conducting business-as-usual… barefoot!

Viva TOMS!







  1. Hey Brenda (and Kimber) – lovely of you to share the link to this company, indeed a great cause! I hope they’ll expand to some more sandal styles, maybe semi tall heels – would love to be part of the movement. Just waiting for the right shoe 🙂 Have a great weekend, ladies, and thanks for the twitter shout-out!

    • Greetings Astrid- It would definitely be nice to see a little more “fashion” incorporated in the shoes, especially with a bit of heel or wedge-style… We’ll be the first to own a pair I am sure! Thank you for stopping by! xxo! Brenda

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