Tuesday Shoesday!

Today while browsing a favorite clothing boutique website I came across a link with a particularly eye-catching name; “Heel Condoms.”  I cringed at reading the potentially inappropriate and offensive name; “Heel Condoms” so for this post we are going to call them “Heel Adornments” instead.

I thought I had seen every type of shoe and shoe accessory out there but this is rather different. The UK based website sells heel covers, that as they say, “let you play dress up with your shoes.”  The “adornments” fit any height heel ranging from 2-5 inches, making simple shoes a conversation piece. You can mix and match with your outfits, are great for traveling (Hello only packing one pair of shoes!), and totally reusable.  My favorite part of these adornments is that they allow women to change the look of their heels without spending money to buy a new pair.

How great would it be to have all your bridesmaids at your wedding wear their own shoes but have all of them in the same Heel Adornments? Or allow them to show their individual personality by having them wear the same pair of shoes but with different adornments??  According to the website, there is a store right here in San Diego that sells them… I think Brenda & I are going on a little field trip!


Intern Jess


  1. Those feathers are the best!

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