Tuesday Shoesday!

As many of you do, I too, often swoon over a beautiful and well-constructed pair of shoes. Shoes are the soul of an outfit. Ever seen someone glammed-up from head to ankle? I know I have… and it breaks my heart!  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that person is me… after all, I can’t possibly own all of the gorgeous heels/boots/flats/wedges/sandals, etc. that are out there just waiting to buddy-up with the other pairs in my closet, anxiously awaiting to be the Chosen ONES for the day.

The perfect pair of shoes is sometimes all it takes to make or break your day, so today I share with you the pair that is the envy of all the other pairs in my closet… for it’s the pair I wear almost daily, start many of my mornings with, and that never get thrown back into the box… they in fact sit closest to the door at home or are carried around in the car just in case I have time to run away for a little bit during my workday… they are always ready to face the road, day or night, rain or shine…

Now, I know you’ve already seen the photo before even finishing reading this post, and you’re probably wondering… what the heck? But it should come as no surprise that I am a runner. I got my first pair of running shoes as a gift almost ten years ago and  I’ve not turned back since. Just like when I made the switch from Nike to Saucony running shoes… when you find something that makes you happy… you run with it, literally. What better way to improve your cardiovascular health or  shed a few pounds for the wedding day… run it off!

Behold, the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 8– this is the exact pair I own in black & gold… because you should always “go for the gold” -(and let me tell ya, picking a color in running shoes is just as filled with indecision as picking out a pair of black, strappy, heels). They are light on the feet, perfectly cushioned yet firm through the arch, with just the perfect amount of support, breathable, and with enough traction for most courses.

Happy Shoesday Tuesday & Happy Running!



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